Want to learn to cook but don't know where to start?

Our hands-on, step-by-step Beginner's Cooking Course is for you!

The current climate has thrown many of us our of our normal routines and into spending more time at home. For some the working-from-home hours seem to spread from early morning and into the evening and with restaurants either closed or operating with restrictions many of us are either turning to take-away more often or finding ourselves in the kitchen lacking creativity or motivation to think of enticing meals to fill every day of the week.  Some might now have all this extra time on your hands and want to finally learn to cook or maybe you simply wish to cook more often and increase your skills and efficiency in the kitchen that doesn’t require hours on end.  

Whether you’re cooking for one or a full household, if you’re just getting started in the kitchen, the idea of cooking, juggling pots and pans, chopping and dicing, knowing what ingredients go well together and knowing correct cooking times could feel a little overwhelming. The Adult Beginner Cooking Course at Sydney Cooking School has got you covered. With a little practice, starting small and building, each day, each week, you’ll be a wizz in the kitchen in no time. 

The Adult Beginner Cooking Course was originally designed to help the ultimate beginner start their cooking journey safely, correctly and with confidence to try more and more at home. As more and more people were interested in building on their skills and trying new dishes, it evolved to suit a range of ability levels with loads of helpful tips, various cooking techniques and working with many styles and cuisines.  This course is perfect for those starting out in the kitchen to those who already enjoy cooking every night of the week. 

Run over 4 informative sessions each 2 hours in duration, you will attend one evening a week for 4 weeks. During each class you will learn new skills (or correct some bad habits), cook simple yet impressive dishes and of course enjoy the spoils of your labour.  Put your new skills and techniques into practice at home and build up your repertoire of dishes that will impress yourself and friends and family.  

The course is conducted by experienced professional chefs who are passionate about teaching you the solid foundations of cooking, increasing your knowledge about produce and techniques, providing you valuable knowledge, building confidence and inspiring you to prepare your own wonderful dishes. The class is small and welcoming and is usually just 10 participants so that everyone feels comfortable and get lots of attention from our chef. 

The course is fun and informative, you’ll hardly realise you’re learning so much as we always have a blast cooking up a storm! The best part is the course hands on! Hold the knife and actually learn the techniques and practice your skills in front of the chef, under his constant guidance. Chop and fry your own ratatouille. Stir your risotto and feel the consistency. Whisk your own mixture and create a beautiful chocolate dessert. Cooking stations will be arranged depending on the menu, with your own utensils, equipment and ingredients where individuals or pairs will actively prepare the dishes as the chef takes you through step-by-step. 

Each week you will learn to cook 4-5 dishes, utilising different proteins such as chicken, salmon, scallops, lamb and steak along with different cooking techniques and sides to complete the dish.  From poached eggs to fritattini, quinoa to risotto, the perfect roast to the perfect grilled steak, lemon meringue to oozey chocolate lava cake, the Adult Beginner Course will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to excel in your home kitchen.  We use domestic equipment and appliances so that what you cook here you’ll be able to replicate at home.

A taste of the dishes you'll be making and creating

Vietnamese chicken salad or rice paper rolls
Perfectly moist and flakey salmon with quinoa
Roast pumpkin ravioli with burnt butter sauce
Hearty, authentic beef bolognaise with spaghetti
Mushroom risotto, Stir Fry Basics and a simply curry from scratch!
Rolled chicken breast filled with grilled vegetables and herbs
How to cook a steak properly to perfection
Warm Chocolate Fondant dessert with perfect oozing centre
and much, much more!

We look forward to you joining us at Sydney Cooking School, Neutral Bay soon.  For more information on this enjoyable cooking course for beginners, click here: https://www.sydneycookingschool.com.au/classes/class/?class=adult-beginner-cooking-course-(4-sessions).